JEANNE NALIN's passion for handbags is all-consuming and has been a constant presence throughout her sometimes turbulent and difficult life. These trials have only served to strengthen JEANNE NALIN's determination and desire to create a world that feels right to her, one she is eager to share with women who recognise themselves in it.

JEANNE NALIN's style is based on independence of choice and nourished by the imagination. She grew up on the island of Belle-Ile-en-Mer off the coast of Brittany, and this special place had a decisive influence on her personality: surrounded by an often hostile ocean, the island only truly offers its riches to those who respect its wild and harsh nature. It forges strong people who know that nature is no lover of compromise.

For JEANNE NALIN, relentlessly challenging the quality of her work is the best way of avoiding the trap of banality and mediocrity.